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Achieving 188 Compliance & AJC Certification: Key Strategies & Actions from Policy to Procedures - Series 3 of 3

Monday, April 30, 2018
3:00pm - 4:00pm ET

The final webinar of the series will give a snapshot of the foundation set by WIOA’s disability-related provisions and Section 188. The most impactful strategies across all three states will be highlighted, including which partners have been essential to each region’s Section 188 implementation and AJC Certification. Action steps will be defined to help States assess where they fall along the spectrum of implementing Section 188 and AJC Certification, as well as the steps they may take to improve physical and programmatic access, build partnerships and increase employment outcomes of individuals with disabilities.

OBJECTIVES: By attending this webinar, participants will:

  1. Learn the key strategies in Section 188 and AJC Certification from multiple states that most impacted physical and programmatic access, equal opportunity and employment of individuals with disabilities
  2. Identify where their State/local region currently stands with WIOA Section 188 compliance and outline action steps to ensure these EO and non-discrimination regulations are the framework for access
  3. Identify action steps that States/local regions can take to build collaboration with key partners, including the creation of actionable WIOA taskforces
  4. Learn about critical roles among partners in AJC Certification and learn how your State may closely evaluate programmatic access to impact employment outcomes of individuals with disabilities

Please note: All LEAD Center webinars are captioned and presentation materials are sent to participants in advance of the webinar. For any other reasonable accommodation requests, please contact Brittany Thome at