Policy Update – Employment, Health Care and Disability: November 14, 2013

LEAD Center

November 2013

The LEAD Center’s Policy Update – Employment, Health Care and Disability is a monthly update focusing on the intersection of disability, employment and health care policy. The LEAD Center’s Policy Update – Employment, Health Care and Disability is intended to provide policymakers, disability service professionals, individuals with disabilities and their families with information about relevant policy developments regarding Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act and related topics, with a focus on improving employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities.

The November 2013 update features stories on the opening of the ACA Exchanges, various state Medicaid expansion efforts and the Commission on Long-Term Care’s final report to Congress.

The LEAD Center Policy Update – Employment, Health Care and Disability is a project of the LEAD Center in collaboration with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.

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