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LEAD Center Blog Round-up

December 19, 2017

During October and November, the LEAD Center's guest bloggers offered valuable information about employment for job seekers with disabilities, job coaches, community organizations, and hiring managers. All the posts highlighted how disability employment benefits both individuals with disabilities and the organizations that hire them.

In her blog post, Nancy Boutot, Manager of Cross System Integration for LEAD Center, discussed how employment specialists and job coaches evaluate the workplace readiness of individuals with disabilities. Boutot explained that many people without disabilities try several jobs before finding a successful career path. People with disabilities, by contrast, run the risk of being deemed "unemployable" if they do not do well in a skills test or in their first job. To learn more about why people with disabilities should have the chance to explore different job opportunities, read: Your First Job Should Not Be Your Last.

Blog posts by the Campaign for Disability Employment (CDE) team and by Lou Orslene, Co-director of the Job Accommodation Network (JAN), focused on this October’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) theme: “Inclusion Drives Innovation.”

CDE's blog post maintained that organizations that hire people with disabilities have a more innovative workforce. Moreover, CDE works to promote disability employment all year-round. The blog contains resources for other organizations that wish to do the same. Find out more about CDE’s work by reading the blog post: Showing the World That “Inclusion Drives Innovation.”

Orslene writes, “A formula I always keep in mind is ‘Accommodations = Inclusion = Innovation.’” JAN offers free, expert, and confidential advice about workplace accommodations. Orslene noted that those working at JAN observed that many organizations use less than optimal processes to provide workplace accommodations. JAN has created an innovative way to address this issue by developing an app to help organizations implement accommodations processes better. Get more information about workplace accommodations and JAN’s app by reading Orslene’s blog post: Inclusion Drives Innovation: The Mobile Accommodation Solution App.

In November, LEAD Center published a guest blog from Marlene Ulisky, Manager of Financial Empowerment at National Disability Institute, which focused on the ways organizations can benefit from employing veterans with disabilities. Ulisky explained that many valuable skills learned in the military can make veterans with disabilities assets in the civilian workforce. She also mentioned the tax benefits employers may receive for hiring these veterans. To learn more about hiring this skilled workforce, their transferable skills and tax benefits, read: Double Duty: Hire a Veteran with a Disability.

Be sure to return to LEAD Center's blog in the coming months for additional useful posts about disability employment.