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Guided Group Discovery Pilots in Maryland and Kansas

June 30, 2015

This spring, LEAD Center staff and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) piloted Guided Group Discovery (GGD) sessions with job seekers in Topeka, KS and Rockville, MD, and collaboratively with area American Job Centers (AJC) and vocational rehabilitation (VR) staff. This project introduced Group Discovery, one of several formats for Discovery, as an aspect of Customized Employment implementation within the public workforce centers, by jointly training facilitators from AJCs and VR in Guided Group Discovery. For this initiative, job seekers with disabilities engaged in a series of four Guided Group Discovery sessions, resulting in a Job Search Blueprint to assist them in identifying and connecting with jobs that are a good match for their skills and interests, and that contribute to an employer's bottom line and successful operation. Based on feedback from job seekers and facilitators, LEAD staff are finalizing (i) a Group Discovery Participant Workbook that provides clear guidance for job seekers and the people who support them, and that focuses the person and their team on job development and career exploration from the beginning; (ii) a comprehensive Guided Group Discovery PowerPoint and training guidance, designed to streamline the Group Discovery process and introduce job development discussions throughout; (iii) a Blueprint for Employment Worksheet that focuses job seekers, their staff and support network on creating a job search plan; and (iv) a Curriculum Overview for the Guided Group Discovery Pilot to highlight the objectives, exercises and flow of the streamlined curriculum, and the Job Search Blueprint.

Once finalized, the workbook and Guided Group Discovery training materials will be posted in the Employment section on LEAD Center's website.