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The CMS HCBS Final Rule and First Steps toward Supporting “Control of Personal Resources”

December 15, 2015

Many individuals with disabilities have never managed their own money, created a budget, opened a savings or checking account, applied for an assistive technology loan or understand how to build assets. The CMS Final Home and Community-Based Services Regulations (CMS HCBS Final Rule) recognizes this gap in knowledge and provides guidance to states that they must provide a range of services to people with disabilities to include providing opportunities to seek employment and work in competitive integrated settings, engage in community life, and control personal resources. CMS provided exploratory questions to assist states in assessment of non-residential Home and Community-Based Service (HCBS) settings regarding control of personal resources that asks, “in settings where money management is part of the service, does the setting facilitate the opportunity for individuals to have a checking or savings account or other means to have access to and control his/her funds?” 

As states and providers seek to ensure that individuals in receipt of HCBS services are able to and supported to control personal resources, the LEAD Center suggests the following action steps: 1) View the LEAD Center webinar archive on Redefining Home & Community Based Services: CMS Guidance on Non-Residential Services and its Implications for Employment to learn more about the Final Rule; 2) View the LEAD Center webinar archive on Promoting Economic Advancement - Financial Education to learn about the FDIC’s free Money Smart curriculum; 3) View the recent LEAD Center presentation from the TASH conference, Complying with the HCBS Final Rule on Control of Personal Resources: Strategies and Tools and Pathways to Employment: A Guide for Advocates on this new opportunity; and 4) Reach out to us at the LEAD Center for support in identifying and implementing strategies to improve the capacity of HCBS service providers to offer services and supports that build the capability of individuals receiving HCBS services to control their personal resources.