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Celebrating National Financial Literacy Month

April 1, 2020

National Financial Capability Month, also known as National Financial Literacy Month, held during the month of April each year, is a time for public- and private-sector organizations to work together to improve the knowledge and skills of all Americans with and without disabilities to make more informed financial decisions, better manage their financial lives, set financial goals, build and preserve assets, reduce economic vulnerability, and improve economic security. The federal government’s Financial Literacy and Education Commission (FLEC) urges all Americans to increase their knowledge of personal finance and encourage others to do the same. Since 2004, when the Senate passed Resolution 316 designating April as “Financial Literacy Month,” financial and educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and others have created campaigns and promoted initiatives to highlight the importance of financial stability. To learn more about financial capability for people with disabilities, and to access the financial literacy materials developed by LEAD Center, visit the LEAD Center website. To learn more about Financial Capability Month and be connected to additional resources, visit the FLEC website