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LEAD Center Travels to Baltimore for Reinventing Quality 2014

August 6, 2014

From Aug. 3- 5, Baltimore, Maryland, served as host to the 2014 Reinventing Quality Conference. The event provided disability service organizations and providers the opportunity to network, discuss new ideas and learn about innovative models of support that are improving opportunities and the quality of life for all people with disabilities.

During the three-day event, LEAD Center staff participated in a variety of presentations and workshops on such topics as employment, direct support workforce and disability rights. As highlighted during the conference, the landscape and attitudes on how we serve and work with the disability community have changed drastically over the course of the last two generations. That is why much of the 2014 Reinventing Quality Conference showcased new, groundbreaking strategies and ideas to further the conference’s overarching theme of “ensuring quality in rapidly changing times.”

At the event’s conclusion, LEAD Center and other like-minded organizations, disability advocates and allies were challenged to be adaptable, to not accept the “status quo” and to stay ahead of the curve. In that spirit, LEAD Center will continue working with similarly dedicated organizations and people to advance sustainable individual and systems level change to improve competitive, integrated employment and economic self-sufficiency for all people across the spectrum of disability.