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In the Know: Leveling the Playing Field - Attracting, Engaging and Advancing People with Disabilities

This report stems from the work of The Conference Board Research Working Group on Improving Employment Outcomes for People with Disabilities. The full research report explores the business case for employing people with disabilities, including detailed steps companies can take to encourage the hiring and engagement of employees with disabilities. The executive summary focuses on efforts to overcome workplace discrimination against people with disabilities and addresses a number of myths and misconceptions that can hamper organizations in hiring and supporting people with disabilities.

Note: The research report and executive summary are free to the public; however, nonmembers of the Conference Board must either create an new account or log in to an existing account to access publications.

Download "Leveling the Playing Field: Attracting, Engaging and Advancing People with Disabilities"

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In the Know is a bi-monthly feature on the LEAD Center blog that will highlight important resources and information about the employment, policy and economic advancement of people with disabilities. To find even more useful resources, visit the LEAD Center Resource Center

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