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In the Know: Best Places to Work in the Federal Government

In the Know is a bi-monthly feature on the LEAD Center blog that will highlight important resources and information about the employment, policy and economic advancement of people with disabilities. To find even more useful resources, visit the LEAD Center Resource Center

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Designed to help a broad audience of government leaders, employees and job seekers, the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® rankings draw on responses from nearly 700,000 civil servants to produce a detailed view of employee satisfaction and commitment across 362 federal agencies and subcomponents.

The rankings provide an overview of each agency and subcomponent, trend data and expert analysis of what the results mean. Users can conduct side-by-side comparisons of how agencies or their subcomponents rank in various categories, how they compare with other agencies and determine whether they have improved or regressed over time.

Since the first rankings were released in 2003, they have helped create much-needed institutional incentives to focus on key workforce issues, and have provided managers and leaders with a way to measure and improve employee satisfaction and commitment.


Best Places to Work in the Federal Government

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