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Double Duty: Hire a Veteran with a Disability

As an employer, do you want to easily find valuable and talented employees to fill your job openings AND incentivize your workplace diversity? If inclusion and diversity is important to you and your workplace culture, look no further and hire a veteran with a disability.

In the past, when you received and reviewed resumes and applications, did you see military job titles such as “Multiple Launch Rocket System Crew Member” or “Electronic Intelligence Interceptor” or “Senior Non-commissioned Logistician?” Or did you read between the lines and look for more? Did you even set up an interview to learn more? Don’t let qualified veterans slip by.

The military engrains many skills which are transferable from military jobs to civilian jobs. Although some of the hard skills may be challenging to translate into jobs that aren’t specialized positions, many soft skills can easily translate into their civilian equivalents. Some identifiable skills include:

•    Evident interpersonal skills, leadership, punctuality, and discipline

•    Proven team player

•    Ability to perform under pressure

•    Demonstrated respect for procedures

•    Willingness to accept criticism and take direction

•    Attention to details

In addition to the skills and abilities veterans with disabilities bring to the workforce, there are federal tax credits available to employers who hire individuals from target groups. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is one of the federal tax credits available, but there are others on the Department of Labor's Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) website. Employers who hire multiple WOTC qualified employees can make a significant dent in their federal income tax liability while being rewarded with valuable and diverse employees.

You may wish to begin your search by collaborating with your local CareerOneStop Business Center, a partner of the American Job Center network, or use their Civilian-to-Military Occupation Translator to identify civilian occupations that match relevant military experience and similar skills. Another great resource for employers, managers, or human resource professionals is the Veterans Employment Toolkit from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Every employer will find benefits to hiring veterans with disabilities. Make a difference and make a positive impact today by hiring a disabled veteran and give back to those who have protected our nation.

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