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Creating a Path to Employment for Veterans with Service-Connected Disabilities

By The LEAD Center Team on May 26, 2021

Veterans can face many challenges when returning to the workforce. Service-related disabilities, lack of experience in the civilian world, limited community connections due to multiple deployments, and other unique barriers contribute to these...

Being Part of the Solution: Building on the Promise of the ADA

By The LEAD Center Team on July 21, 2020

This blog highlights some of the progress made since the ADA’s signing to support the employment and economic advancement of people with disabilities, and how the LEAD Center is working to promote equal opportunity and access.

The Empowering Nature of Work

By Campaign for Disability Employment Team on October 31, 2018

As National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) concludes, the Campaign for Disability Employment (CDE) shares with us their new public service announcement (PSA), "Working Works."

Customized Employment Helped Me Get a Job I Love

By Brian Salewski on September 28, 2018

In our newest blog, Brian Salewski shares how customized employment helped him land a job he loves in the Finance Department of Montgomery County Health and Human Services.

What the ADA Means to Our Family

By LEAD Center on July 23, 2018

In LEAD Center's newest blog, Alison Nodvin Barkoff and her brother, Evan Nodvin, share how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has impacted their family, commemorate its 28th anniversary, and urge others to keep advocating for progress. 

Building Credit and Community: A Look Inside Louisville’s LABS Pilot Program

By Kyle Durbin on April 26, 2018

In LEAD Center's new blog, Kyle Durbin from the Office of Financial Empowerment at Louisville Metro Government’s Office of Resilience and Community Services in Louisville, KY,  discusses a new pilot program called LABS. 

My Dream Job: On the Importance of Networking

By Alec Frazier on March 29, 2018

In LEAD Center's newest blog, Alec Frazier, Director, Autistic Reality, discusses disability employment, shares his employment journey as an individual with autism, and highlights the importance of networking. He also provides some of his best...

Double Duty: Hire a Veteran with a Disability

By Marlene Ulisky on November 9, 2017

In LEAD Center's new blog, Marlene Ulisky, Financial Empowerment & Disability Benefits Manager at National Disability Institute, talks about how the military engrains many skills that are transferable to civilian jobs and how hiring a veteran...

Inclusion Drives Innovation: The Mobile Accommodation Solution App

By Lou Orslene on October 24, 2017

In LEAD's newest blog, Lou Orslene, Co-Director of the Job Accommodation Network (JAN), talks about Mobile Accommodation Solution (MAS). MAS is a new mobile workplace accommodation case management app to help U.S. businesses create inclusive...

Your First Job Should Not Be Your Last

By Nancy Boutot on October 12, 2017

I want a job, or two, or three… Can you answer the following question? On a load chart, values above the bold line mean: